BOAT TRAINING – September 2014


Week 8 – Session 1


  • For the past three weeks we have concentrated on individual externals – this week we continue but look at each of these in the one session
  • We wish to look at OVERALL boat movement
  • We still wish to avoid RUSHED, VIOLENT, SUDDEN movements of hands and bodies BUT most importantly we want the following:

–       Blade traveling at constant depth below the water

–       Blade traveling at constant height above the water

–       Blade traveling at a speed through the water greater than the boat’s speed

–       Blade traveling at a speed above the water equal to the speed of the boat

–       Blade entering the water with even minor splash to front and back

–       Blade exiting the water cleanly without being enveloped by puddle

  • Boat movement/speed should reflect the attached diagram (show rowers)
  • Be mindful that the boat will slow and when the boat slows it falls in the water. The more a boat falls in the water the greater the resistance in the water and the greater the effort is required to lift it out of the water again
  • We wish to maintain the boat on a constant plain with minimal variation in height surging must be minimized the bow will bob but not fall
  • The crew should be aware of this to foster a FEEL for the boat and stroke


1 SESSION –  8km (TOTAL)

  • Complete general warm up drills in partial crews pertinent to the needs of crew (note past sessions) 1000m

Partial crew     1

20 strokes @ 18 full strokes achieve maintainable boat speed


Partial crew     2

40 strokes @ 24 ½ slide maintaining the boat speed of partial crew 1

Swap partial crews and do again

  • Partial crew 40 strokes = @ 18 for 20 strokes

@ 24 for 20 strokes      x6 each

  • Full crew 40 strokes     = @ 18 for 20 strokes

@ 28 for 20 strokes       x6 continuous

FOCUS:         Becoming aware of boat speed and its maintenance between rating variation and boat combinations. Retain height of boat in water and negating fall of boat between ratings and combinations.

DRILL:           CLEARANCE – Draw attention to the bow’s puddle as it goes off the stern off the boat. Play with purposefully varying the clearance – allow the crew to vary clearance i.e. stroke seat, coxswain seat, ½ canvas, full canvas, 1 metre, two metres etc


Week 9 Session 2


  • Reinforcing the work done in the last session /camp. In sweep inside leg following the keel line when coming forward.
  • No rush forward, controlled recovery with strong legs in drive
  • All done with a mind to boat speed
  • Hold the knees down for a moment longer to moderate rating – don’t rush
  • Suggest the crew rows to big bend
  • Crew should do a 20 minute ergo this week. Set by their coaches.


1 SESSION – 8+km (TOTAL)

  • Full crew swing through

(continuous, full effort required)

5 minutes @18

4 minutes @20

3 minutes @ 22

2 minutes @24

1 minute @ 26

30 sec @ 28




4 minutes @22

3 minutes @ 24

2 minutes @26

1 minute @ 28

30 sec @ 28+