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Save the date – RRC training camp – 13-15 September 2019

RRC’s Spring Training camp date has been locked in over the weekend of 13-15 September 2019 at Nagambie.

Consistent with last year we have booked accommodation at the Nagambie Leisure Park on the nights of 13 and 14 September. For those attending we will have on water sessions on 14 and 15 September on both the regatta course and river. If you can get the day off work on 13 September, there will be the opportunity for some additional casual sessions also.

Full details to follow soon. Lock the date in your diary – it’s a great reason to start your Winter training now !!!

So you, your friend, your partner, your mum and dad all want to be BROs??

Read on….

BROs (Boat Race Officials) are an integral part of regattas.  Without them, there is no regatta.

These are the people you see (usually in safety vests), spending a little time:

  • directing the boat traffic at the launching places
  • making sure the rower’s boats are safe (bowballs, shoe tie-downs)
  • directing boats as they line up for starts, and then starting the races
  • judging if there’s interference
  • working out who’s come first, second, third and so on

Our club needs to provide a BRO at almost every regatta we attend.  It can be tough for rowers to run between BROing and racing, and we want coaches actually coaching!  So we’d love a rowing widow/widower, a supportive mum or dad, or your best buddy to get involved. The more the merrier, as BROs can share shifts.

BRO training consists of attending a lecture and then being supervised initially.  Level 1 accreditation is obtained by performing 4 practical BRO stations: control, start marshal, bank umpire and judge.  Also, Working with Children’s Check are now required.  These are easy to get and free for volunteers. Apply Here

The club can also support a BRO’s education by taking them out in a boat (to get a rower’s perspective) and/or having them ride alongside a coach on the bike path.  The club insurance will cover them for risk and accidents.

Next BRO course is on Tuesday 6 March 6-8pm at Yarra Yarra (a few sheds down from RRC).  Register here to attend.  What’s holding you back??

Doing some BROing is also a great way for those new to rowing to get to see what happens at a regatta (from the insiders view), so new members are also encouraged to BRO.

Any questions? Contact Chris or Kathy

Recruiting a head coach

RRC HD logo

I am excited to announce we are now actively recruiting for a head coach to join our team of volunteer coaches and work alongside the Head of Rowing to manage and implement a rowing program for the upcoming season.

Check out the attachment for the detailed job description and how to apply. Contact for more information.

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Rowing Victoria Accreditation

The new season is just around the corner and there is no better time to begin forward planning.  So please check your diaries and sign up to upcoming Rowing Victoria courses.

At RRC we require all members to be accredited coxswains to help assist with training but also to ensure everyone is aware of the river rules and safety requirements of our sport.

  • ACCREDITED COXSWAINS:  it is compulsory for all coxswains in Victoria to be accredited for racing AND training. This year, coxswains will be ineligible for regatta entry (through Rowing Manager) if they have not acquired Good Coxswain accreditation.

Take a look at the Events Calendar on the RV website and sign up for an already scheduled course. You will find that we are hosting one at the RRC boathouse on Monday 22nd August, so it couldn’t be simpler to attend.

Pre-season is also the optimum time to complete a coaching qualification if you have any interest in volunteering to assist with coaching or just want to improve your skills and knowledge.  In 2016 this can be done without course attendance and without dedicating an available weekend in a busy life.  It is also cheaper; down from $220 to $180.  It can be done on the computer in your own home at your own pace, at a time of your choosing.

  • ACCREDITED COACHES: beginning in season 2016-17 all coaches are required to be National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) accredited (minimum Level 1). This will guarantee compliance with RV Members Protection Policy and provide crews with a Maritime Safety Victoria exemption from wearing PFDs.

 To complete the on-line coaching course: Click here to access the Online Level 1 NCAS Coaching Accreditation Course

As a club we have been successful in securing grant funding to help support anyone wishing to undertake coaching accreditation (the grant is only valid for one year so I advise you to think about whether you would like to do the course sooner rather than later).

If you have any questions or concerns in regard to any of the above, please contact Tim Evans our head of rowing.

Coxswain Workshops

See below for great opportunities in Melbourne for anyone wishing to improve or extend their coxing skills/knowledge.

Wednesday 10th August, 6pm: Beginner Coxswain Workshop Beginner Coxswain Workshop

Wednesday 17th August, 6pm: Advanced Coxswain Workshop Advanced Coxswain Workshop1

The Beginner Workshop is for those who are just starting their coxing careers, but experienced coxswains or coaches who would like a refresher of the basics are welcome too. We will cover everything necessary to safely and efficiently cox training sessions, and basic ways that coxswains can assist their coaches and ‘add value’ to their crew. The Advanced Workshop will cover a number of communication techniques, as well as ways in which coxswains can continue to improve on their own. Both workshops will be interactive, with plenty of opportunities to practice and ask questions. For more information and booking details see links above.

Sarah Ben-David

U21 Australian Team Coxswain

Helping Others Develop their Rowing Skills (with the bonus of personal skill development and feeling good)

Have you ever wanted to help others improve or develop their rowing skills? 
But didn’t know where to start?  Didn’t have the confidence? Didn’t have the time, but now you do?
Rowing Victoria is offering the last face-to-face Level 1 Rowing Coaching Theory Course at Richmond, before they move to online testing from July 1.
The course will run over 2 nights – from 6.30pm – 9.30pm Monday March 7 and Wednesday March 9.

Continue reading

Camp Video Feedback Session

Thanks to everyone who helped clear out the boat bay to assist with the new racking install today. Whilst we have limited access to boats this week we will be using the time wisely to get some good theory and land session training.
All rowers are advised this Wednesday, 4th November at 6.30pm we have a camp video feedback session which we would like as many people to attend as possible. It doesn’t matter if you went to camp or not, if you are competing this season or not, anyone who is interested in learning more and improving their rowing skills and knowledge should come along.
Our coach mentor, Sue and other coaches will be in attendance to critically review some of the recent video footage of training crews to help people see practical examples of what what we are hoping to achieve or improve upon through training.
Hopefully see you all there.

Calling all rowers, coxes, coaches!

Our next learn to row starts on Sunday 14th June and runs for four consecutive Sundays at 12pm.

We have between 10 and 15 people signed up so far, but it won’t be possible to run it without coxes and coaches to help. It would also be useful to have a couple of rowers available in case we need to make up numbers or demonstrate technique.

You don’t need to commit to them all, but if you are able and willing to come along for a few hours to help out, please email Cat Hardie on Please specify which dates you could help out with (14, 21, 28 June & 5 July).

Thanks heaps.


RV Level 1 Coxswain Course

Rowing Victoria has scheduled an upcoming Level 1 Coxswain Course to be held due to high demand.

Details are as follows:

Location: Albert Park South Melbourne Rowing Club

Date: 25th of May 2015

Time: 6-8pm

Upon attendance of this course, participants will be required to complete (and pass) the online quiz and will subsequently become an Officially Accredited Rowing Victoria Coxswain and avoid being fined.

Register at the link:

It is a great opportunity to get the knowledge in now so that by the time the season starts, all crews will be MORE than ready to compete! RRC requires all members to obtain this level 1 certification whether you intend to cox or not. The course gives you basic river rules that is important safety information for all rowers and a requirement of anyone who is wishing to row in a coxless boat.

I would encourage anyone who currently does not have this certificate to attend this course.

If you require any further information, please email

BOAT TRAINING – September 2014


Week 8 – Session 1


  • For the past three weeks we have concentrated on individual externals – this week we continue but look at each of these in the one session
  • We wish to look at OVERALL boat movement
  • We still wish to avoid RUSHED, VIOLENT, SUDDEN movements of hands and bodies BUT most importantly we want the following:

–       Blade traveling at constant depth below the water

–       Blade traveling at constant height above the water

–       Blade traveling at a speed through the water greater than the boat’s speed

–       Blade traveling at a speed above the water equal to the speed of the boat

–       Blade entering the water with even minor splash to front and back

–       Blade exiting the water cleanly without being enveloped by puddle