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Spring training camp 2018

Lucia Denniss

Recruiting a head coach

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I am excited to announce we are now actively recruiting for a head coach to join our team of volunteer coaches and work alongside the Head of Rowing to manage and implement a rowing program for the upcoming season.

Check out the attachment for the detailed job description and how to apply. Contact rowing@richmondrowing.com.au for more information.

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Camp Video Feedback Session

Thanks to everyone who helped clear out the boat bay to assist with the new racking install today. Whilst we have limited access to boats this week we will be using the time wisely to get some good theory and land session training.
All rowers are advised this Wednesday, 4th November at 6.30pm we have a camp video feedback session which we would like as many people to attend as possible. It doesn’t matter if you went to camp or not, if you are competing this season or not, anyone who is interested in learning more and improving their rowing skills and knowledge should come along.
Our coach mentor, Sue and other coaches will be in attendance to critically review some of the recent video footage of training crews to help people see practical examples of what what we are hoping to achieve or improve upon through training.
Hopefully see you all there.

RV Coaching Seminar

Switching On for the Off Season to be held on Wednesday, April 29 7pm-9pm

The following question will be answered:  What is to be done over the “winter/off-season” to guarantee a successful preparation for the 2015-2016 season?

Two highly credentialed presenters will provide you with the answer while considering some of the following:

–          Aerobic training development – Getting some great hours done building that all important but time consuming aerobic base

–          Functional strength development – Building strength and the ability to use this effectively through range of movement

–          Training variety – Developing skills in other areas, for fun, balance, and to help “cheat the principle of diminishing returns”

The event will soon be listed for registration in the ‘Events’ page on the RV Website, however due to the limited number of places in this seminar, we are now accepting ‘early bird’ applications. Please email Bronwyn Humphrys (bron@rowingvictoria.asn.au) at Rowing Victoria to reserve your place.

Coached Sculling Sessions

For those interested in working on

technical skills in sculling, Gerry Goss will be running sessions on Saturday mornings at 9.45am, regatta schedule permitting.
The sessions are aimed at improving technique, especially in small boats and anyone is welcome.
We will work on specific drills, and video footage will be obtained where possible.

RSVP is essential in order to assign boats, as resources are limited.
If you wish to be added to the email list then let Gerry know (ggoss@tpg.com.au) . An email is sent during the week confirming the session and requesting RSVP.
It would be great to see you there!

BOAT TRAINING – September 2014


Week 8 – Session 1


  • For the past three weeks we have concentrated on individual externals – this week we continue but look at each of these in the one session
  • We wish to look at OVERALL boat movement
  • We still wish to avoid RUSHED, VIOLENT, SUDDEN movements of hands and bodies BUT most importantly we want the following:

–       Blade traveling at constant depth below the water

–       Blade traveling at constant height above the water

–       Blade traveling at a speed through the water greater than the boat’s speed

–       Blade traveling at a speed above the water equal to the speed of the boat

–       Blade entering the water with even minor splash to front and back

–       Blade exiting the water cleanly without being enveloped by puddle