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Rutherglen Regatta 2019 Review

The majority of us made the Friday escape up to Rutherglen and we all congregated between our accommodation in nearby Chiltern and, naturally, the pub for the first regatta of 2019. Great ‘country’ hospitality was enjoyed on the Friday evening before heads turned to the regatta and Saturday morning was upon us.

Personally I was not sure what I had let myself in for as we arrived at Rutherglen after a short drive at 0700 to mid 20 degree heat – and it was only going to get hotter! Trailer unloading, rigging and racing then commenced.

The Saturday comprised of an 800m course on Lake Moodemere and on Sunday the majority of entries were the same for the 500m course. In total Richmond entered 63 boats (inc finals) and 34 clubs were being represented over the weekend making for some good competition.

The Richmond Saturday performance was strong, with many scratch crews there was a lot of positivity as to what could be achieved over the rest of the coming regatta season. Special mentions and congratulations to those that brought home the medals for the club on the Saturday over 800m: Sarah Houghton Female C Grade Single Scull Michael Calvert, Michael Gehling, Jon Roberts, John Carey, Cox: Charlotte North-Coombes Male D Grade Coxed 4 Male Masters Coxed Quad Philip Munson, Tim Evans, Guy Ayres, Leigh Sullivan, Cox: Christine Sullivan Male Masters D Grade Coxed Quad

As the day progressed the temperatures increased with close attention being made to the heat policy and the reminders to keep hydrated! The new RRC tent looked amazing and provided some much needed shade. Thankfully the lake was on hand to cool off in. By c.1600 Level 3 of the heat policy had been instigated (over 38 degrees) and the final few races were shortened to 500m.

Once the day was over and the boats had been racked the Richmond team made their way back to Chiltern via the off licence. A quick dip in the pool was enjoyed by many and with a couple of beers having been consumed we all headed back to the local pub for dinner. With good food on the menu it was perfect for a group of hungry rowers (and here I enjoyed my first Chicken Parmi, and a few glasses of a local red). The racing and heat had taken its toll on the group and we then made our way back to the motel to get some sleep before the Sunday began.

Again, it was a hot day with enjoyable racing. Congratulations to Gypsy Shepherd who brought home the gold in the Female D Grade Single Scull over 500m on Sunday morning. Aside from the rowing the local winerys were a feature for some over the weekend whether it was between early and late races depending on the draw or on the way home!

For me it was a weekend of many Aussie firsts – first Australian regatta, first Chicken Parmi, first plus 40 degree experience (who knew rowing was even possible at that temp?!) and first, and definitely not last, experience of the Richmond hospitality!

I am sure there are too many people to thank, so at risk of forgetting those who deserve a mention (apologies), thank you to Tim Evans for the organisation, Matt Wilson for the coaching, Leigh and Christine Sullivan for towing the trailer, Shern Timmins for organising the accommodation and Michael Gehling for the photos of the regatta and, of course, all the cox volunteers!

With the first regatta of the season down I am sure many feel inspired to build on their successes and get back on the ergs – I know I do and are very much looking forward to Barwon Regatta on Sunday 27th Jan.

Kirsty Fergie

Rutherglen Regatta 2018

The 13th and 14th of January were the dates this year for the much liked and well attended Rutherglen regatta, with more than 700 competitors contesting 340 races across the weekend. This was the 153rd running of this regatta, making it the oldest rowing regatta in Australia.

The 800m course on the Saturday and a short 500m sprint on Sunday leaves you with short, sharp, shocks of excitement over a fun packed weekend thanks to the quick race starts and the tricky boomerang bend.

Outstanding performances included Morgan Chandler and Lindsey Brown in the Female D grade pair on Saturday (800m) and Female open pair on Sunday (500m).

On Saturday, Michelle Joy was victorious in the Female B Grade single scull, with Sarah Houghton taking silver. Sliver was also the colour for Zoe Maxwell and Michelle Joy in the female open double scull (800m).

The newly formed mixed coxed eight enjoyed the second spot on both days, not a bad effort for a bunch of folks that had never set foot in a boat together prior to rowing to the start.

Stefanie Dudczig and Allan Randall were heroic in the Mixed Double scull on the Sunday picking up silver after a fantastic start – pipped at the post thanks to some pesky buoys and a reedy finish.

Praise too for the Wentworth Richmond composite Male Masters Eight who won on both days thanks to their great efforts and huge long and lanky Wentworth rowers. Our all Richmond masters eight gave it all they had, but a 6 sec handicap over 800m and 4 seconds over the 500m run made the race for a medal just out of reach.

There was lots of “in-boat” video footage taken over the weekend, and we can confirm the number of actual strokes it takes to complete the course. Over 500m the pair of Morgan and Lindsey took 64 strokes, the double of Dave and Charlie did it in 59 strokes, the men’s D grade coxed four took 58  and the mixed eight 54. Our male masters eight took only 49 strokes over the same distance. Loving the stats!

In addition there was the christening of a new member owned boat – the Hobbit.  The name has nothing to do with the height and furry feet of the crew – and any gossip is ‘fake news’.  Denis Henry also proved that he is still a wizard at Rock-Paper-Scissors (to keep Leigh and Christine’s daughter entertained).

Off the water – Freshly made bacon and egg rolls for lunch and awesome chicken parmies’ later in the pub, all washed down with plenty of coffee and beer. Mostly beer.

Chiltern – our host for the night is an idyllic, charming and historic town with plenty of laughs in the numerous bars. We visited most of them in search of the best table and the coldest beer.

All up it was an awesome trip, the weather was especially kind to us with day time temps hovering around the 27 deg mark. Many thanks must go to those that worked behind the scenes organising accommodation and boat transport. You all know who you are, and know that we could not have done it without you, and we can’t forget our effervescent Yash who volunteered as our BRO for the weekend. This is definitely one regatta we should all make an effort to attend. Bring on 2019.

Kim B. and Alex R.


When I was thinking about writing this post all that came to mind was “there were lots of races and then there were some more races and some people won and some people didn’t”. I thought I should probably expand on that a bit…

On the weekend of 13-14th January we ascended en masse for the 150th annual Rutherglen regatta. It’s a thought to imagine what the regatta would have been like all those years ago, how many people would have attended, what clubs they came from and what the boats were like.

RRC Rutherglen 2016
RRC Rutherglen 2016

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Rutherglen Regatta

Join us on our annual Summer road trip to the wine region of Rutherglen and Lake Moodemere.

Lake Moodemere Rutherglen Regatta is Australia’s oldest rowing regatta and will feature two days of exciting rowing.

This year the regatta is celebrating its 100th Birthday so I’m sure they’ll be lots of fun to be had. Note in 2009, this regatta was voted the most popular regatta on the Rowing Victoria regatta program and is always a fun trip for RRC.

Richmond Rowing Club at Rutherglen 2014
Richmond Rowing Club at Rutherglen 2014

Sprint racing weekend in Rutherglen

A big contingent from Richmond headed to Rutherglen for the first sprint event of the season on the weekend of the 8th. In a hotly contested competition on Lake Moodemere, the club took out golds in 10 events.

Races were held over 800m and 500m courses, which made for close races and sometimes clashing oars. As anyone who’s raced at Rutherglen before knows, staying in your lane is an extra skill on top of staying upright in your boat and crossing that finish line.

Special congratulations to all the winning crews listed below and Kathryn Macrow for jumping into the coxing seat time and time again bringing success with it.

Many thanks to all Richmond rowers, coaches and organisers for a great weekend. Next year will be the 150th Rutherglen event and no doubt will draw even bigger numbers to what is already one of the highlights of Rowing Victoria’s calendar so mark it in your diaries for January 16-17th 2016!

Ben Scarlett

RRC rutherglen

Winning crews were:


Female C Grade Coxed Four Karen Doggett, Ainsley Raggatt, Geraldine Goss, Sophia Robinson,

cox: Kathryn Macrow

Female C Grade Coxed Quad Scull Karen Doggett, Ainsley Raggatt, Michelle Joy, Sophia Robinson,

cox: Kathryn Macrow

Male C Grade Coxless Pair Ben van Biljon, Sam Morrison
Mixed Coxed Quad Scull Geraldine Goss, Benjamin Van Biljon, Sam Morrison, Sophia Robinson

cox: Michelle Joy

Male B Grade Single Scull Sam Morrison
Female C Grade Single Scull Michelle Joy
Female Masters Quad Scull (D) (mixed club)

Female Masters Double Scull (D) (mixed club)

Geraldine Goss
Female Masters Double Scull (E) (mixed club)

Female Masters Coxed Eight (EF) (mixed club)

Anthea Amos