RRC Men's Squad Announces Frequent Sleeper Program

RRC mens’ squad coach Simon Crunden has announced a “frequent sleeper program” to promote promptness for early morning training sessions.
Rowers who are late for training will pay into a fund that will be used as a beer tab to fuel the thirsty men’s squad at the annual Bairnsdale camp.
Each time a rower is late to training they will be required to pay $2 into the fund. Rowers will have eight $2 credits each and if they exceed their credits, the late fee will then increase to $4.
The definition of late is if the rower is not down stairs dressed ready to row at 5 minutes before the scheduled push off time.
Mr Crunden said the program was developed after conducting an extensive physiological and psychological analysis of the mens’ squad to determine key drivers of motivation.
“Basically, they’re guys, so they like beer and sleeping in. This seemed the most sensible way to leverage those two traits and ensure on-water punctuality,” Mr Crunden said.
Mr Crunden warned that deliberate lateness in order to boost the Bairnsdale beer tab would be frowned upon, and offenders punished by extensive application of power strokes.
Frequent Sleeper points will be regularly updated on the RRC Men’s Squad blog.
with Jim Cooper

One Reply to “RRC Men's Squad Announces Frequent Sleeper Program”

  1. Jim
    “extensive application of power strokes” can also occur when you have an amature cox that can’t count to 15. Though since the men’s crew are in the hands of more capable coxes then myself. Plus they are not affected by gravity by an extra 400 Newton Meters. (f = mg for those who may have forgot year 10 physics!) No amount of Blankets is going to affect that guys!
    Saying that I am happy to cox to fill in if need be. I will purchase a jar of weight gain 5000 if anybody gets ideas that this will be more permanent.
    I had lots of practise last year with head of the yarra coxing, well steering the boat more then coxing. Also was a relay beteen Dennis and the rest of the crew, though now i’m officially a rowing victoria certified “good coxwain” which goes right next to the double engineering degree from Swinburne University on my cv!

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