Important – Swim Test Requirement

The Rowing Victoria Safety Management Plan states that all rowers must demonstrate swimming competence, 50m swim, by 30 September if they do not wish to wear a PFD while rowing.
It has been suggested (by some hardcore crazy people) that those that have not done it yet can do so at camp in Bairnsdale. While this is definitely possible I am also going to propose a Melbourne based event for those that a) aren’t going to camp or b) think the Mitchell might be a little too cool (or are too soft to take the plunge in the Mitchell).
Date: Saturday 5 September
Time: 9.30am
Location: Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, Albert Park (Outdoor Pool)
Cost: $6.95 (adult swim pass)
For those that wish to attend the Melbourne swim please contact Emma at [email protected] so she can advise you of the exact meeting place.
Emma (with some edits)

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  1. For anyone who’s not swum in the Mitchell River in September, I’d STRONGLY recommend taking up the pool option proposed here

  2. What are you talking about Hammer (or should I say feather duster)….I heard that you will be one of the people jumping into the river for the swim…

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