Thirty years ago and not a female in sight (well almost)

Thirty years ago there was a fair bit of turmoil in society. Women had had the right to vote for more than seventy years, but they still couldn’t join the Melbourne Club, the Melbourne Cricket Club or even Richmond Rowing Club.
Click on the following link for a great article on women and their bid to join the Richmond Rowing Club written by former RRC President and Life Member John Sawyer:
Barry and Gwenda Lindgren – Agents for Social Change

2 Replies to “Thirty years ago and not a female in sight (well almost)”

  1. Thank you to John Sawyer and others, who have helped shape our club. John has shared some important history with us. I hope we can source more history as knowing where you come from helps direct where you are going!

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed the story, thanks for posting it. We should feel proud to be the first club to allow women members! Was it the first Victorian club? Or Melbourne club?

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