JL and Ron March Jr wired for sound

The John Latham (boat not man) and Ron March Jr are wired for sound thanks to the efforts of Nick and Barry.
Nick donated and installed a speaker and full loom into the Ron March Jr. and Barry has donated and installed a speaker and loom (sound only) into the Latham. This makes coxing/coaching these boats so much easier and bow seat can now actually hear what’s going on.
So, now it’s only the Ron March without sound.
TIP – For those who would rather listen to their iPod and not their cox, there is a groovy attachment available from NK that allows you to connect your iPod so it can be played through the speaker system of the boat. One gadget the B Team will be looking to add to the essential rowing kit for sure!
Nicole Stupka

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  1. I might be able to donate some second hand NK wiring that could be used by clever lads to fix up a boat. Will post to Justin when I send him stuff for the Trivia Night.

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