'So come on boys pull your weight and fundraise'

‘So come on boys pull your weight and fundraise’
These are the immortal words of the RRC Head of Rowing and what we believe to be a challenge to the Men of Richmond to beat the girls in the latest fundraising drive at the club – Selling Chocolates.
This is good, we men like a challenge so here it is:
Given that males make up 40% of the Richmond (RC) population, the challenge is that we will raise more than 40% of the monies received from the chocolate fundraiser.
If we, the Men of Richmond succeed, the girls have to shout each of the boys a drink of their choice at the forthcoming (June) presentation night. If we lose, then the boys have to reciprocate the deal.
To track progress of the challenge the organisers of the chocolate drive have to provide updates on the blog on where we are at in terms of the money raised for the chocolate drive.
The catch is that orders for the chocolates have to be in by today (24 March) and you have to have sold your last box of chocolates and money deposited to RRC by the first week of May.
To order your chocolates you need to click on the link and indicate how many boxes you would like to sell.
Of course the challenge has to be accepted by the girls. The final terms of the challenge are up for negotiation but any amendments must be agreed by both parties via the blog by 5pm today (24 March).

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  1. I support any fundraising by the RRC boys that involves them keeping their clothes on. Still haunted by a calendar from a few years back. So good luck boys! Of course, it won’t be easy. I have already ordered some boxes. Have you? JK

    1. Already ordered more than Sarah did last year…I plan to keep the B team record from last year of selling the most chocolates alive!

  2. Twenty boxes added to the tally and it’s only 10:15am…we are on a roll.
    Any amendments to the challenge criteria – Rights to the naming of the new eight???

  3. Amendment to the Challenge #1 – From the Lads
    Fundraising total to include ASF donations over the same time frame i.e. Chocolate Fundraiser + ASF Donations = Total Fundraising effort.

  4. Hi Boys,
    If it’s too hard to sell chocolates, ASF donation forms are available at
    the club and a tax deductible donation for $200 to the RRC ASF fleet fund
    is actually only $100 in really money … or ONLY a slab and a half of
    nice beer (so not a huge sacrifice) or a 1.5 kg of Waygu Beef.
    A $200 donation = 6.8 boxes of chocolate and that will put you in the lead in no time. So let Suzy know of your ASF commitment, so that she can keep track of virtual chocolates.
    Cheers, Nicole

  5. JK, sorry to disappoint, but the RRC men will be combining their well-known love of nudity with their fundraising by selling chocolates naked. Justin Thomas is scouting out appropriate venues.

    1. Jim, as beautiful as the RRC men are.. us girls REALLY don’t want to see them naked! C’mon girls – the boys have absolutely nothing on us!

  6. we have 30 boxes ordered today with the guys contributing 10….30 minutes to go and I am looking for a miracle….COME ON!

  7. I’d ordered 3 boxes already and was thinking I’ll need a tax deduction for this year so had the ASF form ready to go for a $200 donation.

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