RRC Metro Men

The Men of Richmond Model for the Herald Sun Weekend Magazine

The men of Richmond have ‘slipped into preppy v-necks, new look wind cheaters and knits so chunky you could eat them’ according to the Herald Sun’s weekend magazine.
Johno Downie, Nick Schouten, Martin Foster, Andrew Smith and Sam Morrison looked very much the part modeling a ‘stylish’ range of winter wears for designers Kosi Kosi, Jack London, Leopold, Britten and Trimapee.
The article quotes all of the lads with Andrew stating that his jumper was slightly strange – ‘I’m not sure of the reaction I get in the clubrooms – but it’s warm and comfortable. Something I could think about wearing after rowing’ he said.
The opening paragraph sets the scene on the Yarra on a cold winters night:
‘Backs straining and biceps bulging, the power down the Yarra on a winter’s night. And when their oars finally come to a rest on the river’s edge and they haul themselves out of their boats, members of the Richmond Rowing Club rug up fast in winter jumpers.’

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  1. Whats happened ………. since when did we recruit models at RRC. I’m gone for two weeks and suddenly we have both bulging biceps in the club as well as some stary looks!! Does this mean that the men are going to be fundraising for a full length mirror in the their changing room? Or would you like us to have a knit-a-thone to make a scarf the whole squad can wear?
    Classic – looking good fellas

  2. At least they have some kit on.
    Last time there was any modelling done by the Men of Richmond there was a distinct lack of clothing!

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