Pre Set Order of Events – Season 2010/11

What are our feelings on the races orders for the next season? I must admit I was unimpressed with the order of events last season as it prevented boating crews in more than one race as many classes of rower and boats were back to back.
EG c-grade quad backs onto C-grade 8 etc through most regatta programme.
You lose the opportunity to enter multiple events which is what makes travelling some of these distances worthwhile. I personally am not keen to drive 2-300km for only a couple of races.
I also would like to see C-grade coxless pairs on the program in both male and female. Especially at states. D to B grade is a big jump otherwise.
We need to formulate a reply to RV in writing before the 30th of August.
Happy to collate suggestions/feedback to RV.
Post your comments on the blog or email me at
Barry Campbell
RRC Captain

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    1. Sorry Jordan no relationship but I do like their black boat all it needs is a yellow stripe and it would be Richmond through and through.

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