Trivia triumph – March 2013

This year’s trivia night, held on 16 March, raised another staggering amount for the club – over $7000. As you know this is our biggest fundraiser event during the year and would not be possible without members, their friends, family and fellow rowing club members support. This support is provided by coming along on the night to have a good time, donating the huge array of goods and services for auction and of course to those that are the successful bidders. 

This year’s funds will be directed to new equipment such as an ergo, cox box replacements/ refurbishments, shoes, boat upkeep to name just a few. Plus any remaining funds will be considered by the Committee over the coming season to be spent on other equipment as required. 

Of course the night would not have got off the ground if it weren’t for the mastery of Justin Thomas – he true brains of the outfit. Justin ably put us through our paces again with questions being all things Russian. Thanks also goes to the numerous assistants – Vicki and Gemma for running the bar, Mike for all the logistics, Simon as auctioneer, and Katalin for entries and being Justin’s sounding board as he prepared for the big night.

If you have any ideas of fundraising activities/concepts you think we should try to raise funds for either new equipment or the boathouse redevelopment fund please drop me a line or another member of the Committee as we are always interested in new ideas.

The next event on the RRC calendar is presentation night – 25 May. Look forward to seeing you there.

Cheers Emma

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  1. Hi Emma I was talking to Barry over a beer after one of the rowing camp days and mentioned to him that Anglesea Lions sell raffle tickets for a trailer full of beer. You get the trailer and the beer and tickets are very easy to sell in the warmer months. He may have mentioned it to you or he may have forgotten the idea but he thought it was a good idea at the time. Members from other clubs and friends will probably be happy to buy tickets.
    Sue Sent from my iPad

    1. Thanks for reminding me Sue, yes I did forget all about it. It’s a good idea you get beer/wine and a trailer all very useful. We tow the trailer to regatta’s perhaps mock up cartons so people get the idea of what they get (and the contents don’t spoil on hot days) and sell tickets.

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