2012-13 AGM and Presentation of Awards

Annual General Meeting and Awards Presentation Night
On Saturday night at the club, the AGM and Presentation of Awards for season 2012-13 were held.
The committee for 150th year concluded their duties with a brief report to the meeting and the written report was presented. Positions for the 151st committee were filled by single nominations, except the President’s position, which received two nominations. An election was conducted by secret ballot and the results declared; Geraldine Goss – 16 votes, Karen Doggett – 38 votes.

The 151st committee are as follows;
President – Karen Doggett
Vice President – Justin Thomas
Treasurer – Troy Durham
Secretary – Anthea Amos
Head of Rowing – Derek Begg
Captain – Barry Campbell
Head of Club Development – Lucy Crunden
General Members – Vicki Brennan and Kathy Macraw

Once the official meeting was concluded, and after some refreshments were taken, the Presentation of Awards was made.
The major winners for season 2012-13 are as follows;

Mal Scott Best Male Rower – Barry Campbell and David Micallef
John Sawyer Best Female Rower – Geraldine Goss
Don Edwards Best Coxswain – Rebecca Lionnet
President’s Award – Franziska Locher and Elixabeth Sheil

We congratulated the winners with more refreshments at the bar!

2 Replies to “2012-13 AGM and Presentation of Awards”

  1. Can I take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended the AGM and took part in the evening on Saturday it was good to see so many members present, obviously indicating that we care about the club. I would like to acknowledge Geraldine Goss for nominating for the position of president and the other new committee members who are willing to volunteer their time and effort for the club.
    I look forward to the coming year and representing the club as president.

  2. Not mentioning this for any other reason than respect to Keith Miller, however the regulation four time trial around the island, known as the Keith Miller Award was won by Rochelle Stokes, Kate Dyball, Sophie Robinson and Geraldine Ross. I’m not even sure of the time but I am proud that I’ve personally been able to contest the time trial since I started at the club and I hope to see more rowers take part in the Award in the coming season perhaps on club racing day (Sunday) would be a hoot and makes for some serious ‘blistering’ ouch…laughs

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