Joel in J'Bay

Straying from the bedpost a bit by posting this but for all those who are keen on a bit of surf you need to check this out. Joel Parkinson at J’Bay in South Africa riding the perfect barrel. Click on the link then click on Round 3 Heat 4.

Training this week @ RRC

The plan for this week will be to get down on the knees and pray for some good weather for Thursday and Saturday.
We will be looking to splash out in two eights on both days, and judging from the turn out on Saturday we should have the numbers to do so.
Martin is applying the pressure on our good mates at Jeff Sykes to make sure the IT finds its way back to the shed in the next week or so. In the mean time, the plan will be to take the Jennifer Campbell and fill her up with some of the lighter blokes and the larger blokes will need to head next door between Merc’s and Melbourne RC for the ‘loner eight’.
This Thursday’s row will be an hour in duration. It will be mostly be steady state (20spm @ 75% max) with two 5 minute pushes at 24 spm. We will include some pauses on the recovery to work on timing and control off the back turn – all pretty simple stuff.
Saturday we will start with a 15-20 minute theory session so I can talk you through some jargon that I use when I coach so we all know where I am coming from.
Saturday’s row will be similar to Thursday’s with the exception that we will have the river to ourselves so we will use it to our advantage and do a bit of work down the river.
A follow up on last week – Need to think about a beneficial easy to manage penalty system for fixing up late comers. If you have any ideas no matter how good, bad or indifferent, post them in a comment and we will select the best on Saturday after the row.
See you Thursday…Simon

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