Updates to RV Return to Rowing Roadmap – good news for crew boats.

You may have seen the good news via social media or email, Rowing Victoria has updated their Return to Rowing Roadmap over the past 24 hours. With rowing now classified as a non contact sport, crew boats will be able to be rowed when rowing is able to recommence. 

Recommencement of rowing is scheduled when we move into the Third Step of the States recovery, this is scheduled for 26 October for Melbourne subject to meeting certain case related hurdles. Training numbers will be limited to10 at any time and only the toilets and change rooms will be accessible – similar to the initial reopening last time.

Over the coming weeks the Committee will assess our plans and procedures to return to make sure we can meet any of the requirements and set out our plans. We will also be working closely with MLC as our tennant to consider the use of the facilities for all parties as best as possible.

Given we hope to be back on water soon, it’s a great time to get your body ready for rowing to prevent injury after a long time off water. Financial club members have been receiving weekly session plans/training programs including access to join the club zoom sessions, it’s a great time to engage with these and rebuild your fitness.

Full details of the RV Return to Rowing Roadmap can be found here https://www.rowingvictoria.asn.au/news/return-to-victorian-rowing-roadmap-guidelines/

2020 RRC AGM – Saturday 25th July

Richmond Rowing Club’s Annual General Meeting on the morning of Saturday 25th July. The meeting is currently planned to start at 10am.

At the AGM all Committee members stand down and positions are available for club members to stand for election to the RRC Committee for the coming year. Generally the incoming Committee is a blend of new and experienced members. To present yourself for election, you are required to have been a member of the club for more than 2 years and be willing to help out with the club’s organisation. If you are interested, feel free to chat to any of the current Committee members to get some more background information. The Committee positions are:

Head of Rowing
Captain of Boats
Fundraising Coordinator
Facilities Coordinator
Ordinary Member (two ordinary member positions are available which assist with a number of areas)

During the AGM, outgoing Committee members will briefly go through some of the highlights of the year, as well as a summary of the club’s financial situation and the main achievements compared to the goals we set out last year. This usually takes less than an hour and we warmly invite all members of the club to attend.

If you wish to present yourself for election, please complete a nomination form and submit it to the secretary at least 14 days prior to the meeting (BEFORE 10th July).

RRC COVID-19 Return to rowing requirements – changes from 22 June 2020

Based on the most recent Victoria State Government Guidelines, the following changes will come into effect to the previously issued RRC guidelines from Monday 22 June:

  • Increase in the number of people able to sign up to a session to 20
  • These 20 must book either a single or an ergo to use in the club through sportsnoticeboard
  • The gym (weights etc) is not to be used given the small size of the space. We will consider further updates based on further changes to regulations
  • Ergs may be used on the deck or in the main hall, 1.5m distancing between ergs must be observed. The ergs must be booked through sports notice board in the same way as a single so the number of people at the club and contact details can be
  • Change rooms and showers are reopened – please abide by the numbers that they are restricted to
  • Number of sessions per week people can access increased to 4 times a week, but only one session per day. We will continue to monitor this

To reconfirm session times are:
Saturday and Sundays

  • Session lengths will be reduced to 2.5 hours. This should still provide up to 2 hours on water time and enough time to wash and rack boats and oars
  • Sessions will commence at the following times 7.30am, 10am, 12.30pm, 3pm, 5.30pm – this increases daylight sessions from 3 to 4 and may encourage a few early rises given the 6am slot was not well used

Weekdays (no changes)

  • Session lengths remain at 3 hours
  • Sessions commence at the following times 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm and 6pm. This has been maintained as it allows pre and post work sessions with the daytime sessions being underutilised.

Further changes are foreshadowed on 7 July. When we have clarity on these changes by the Victorian State Government or any changes advised by Rowing Victoria we will take these into account.

Working towards a safe return to rowing at RRC

As you all would be aware the Victorian Government recently released revised guidance in relation to COVID-19 restriction and relaxation of some requirements which related to sports, cultural and recreation activities.

Rowing Victoria has released draft guidance and recommendations related to a safe return to rowing. Whilst these guidelines are not finalised or approved at the current time, the Committee is putting in place procedures in order that we can get back to rowing. We hope these can be in place by the weekend, however they are contingent on us being able to meet the guidelines. Please look out for further communication on the details that we all will be required to adhere to.

Among the requirements will be following:

  • If you are unwell or display any symptoms you must not attend the club to train. Members should consider their own well being and that of others when considering whether to row.
  • There will be no indoor activities at the club, the gym will remain closed and gathering in the club will not be permitted.
  • There will be access to the toilets, but the change room and showers are not allowed to be used. It is advised to dress for training before arriving at the club
  • Training sessions will be limited to 10 people (including any coaches) – we are working on a rostering and sign up system to enable this on a fair basis. It will not be possible to turn up to the club to row without signing up in advance so the 10 person limit is not exceeded. Private boats will not be in excess of this number, the 10 person limit and rostering/sign up requirements will be across the club whether using club or private equipment.
  • Single sculls only will be allowed. All members must sign out to track attendance and boat usage. Members must have passed swim tests and coxswains tests in order to row a single. Please work with your coach if you do not consider yourself competent in a single.
  • All equipment must be thoroughly washed – following the guidance we put in place prior to the club closing. We are reviewing our procedures and supplies.
  • Social distancing must be maintained including keeping 1.5 meters apart, not congregating within or outside of the shed. There should be no physical greetings etc. Frequent hand washing and good hygiene is required to be observed.

Once the requirements and our procedures are finalised to support a safe return to rowing, we will confirm the requirements that must be adhered to. 
We hope this will be in place to allow for a return to rowing at RRC over the weekend.

RRC to be closed from the end of Monday 23 March

With the proposed Victorian non-essential services shut down announced we have concluded that the club should be closed to members from the end of Monday 23 March. This will allow members 24 hours to remove any personal items from the club should they require. Following this we will turn off access to the club through the fob system, with Committee members maintaining access for emergency and critical access only.
I trust everyone understands this decision. Whilst it is disappointing to not have access to the club and the opportunity to row we encourage club members to stay in touch and support each other via the internet, phone etc during this challenging time.
The planned yoga session for tomorrow is now cancelled. We plan to coordinate for the coaching group to design remote training plans for squads, we will also look into the possibility of using the technology to facilitate group sessions also. As the detail of the non-essential services shut down is clearer we will communicate if any outdoor sessions (yoga, core strength, running etc) may be arranged, but for now we are pausing all group sessions.
Please stay in touch with your fellow club members through Facebook, I am sure the club spirit will continue this way, if there are things you need help with individually or ways we can help others please reach out as a group.
The club remains in a strong financial position and will be ready to reopen when the time is right. Look out for for further communications from the club.
Thank you

Updated RRC COVID-19 requirements – 21 March 2020

On water training times – changes in place must be followed from Sunday 22 March
As a result of updated guidance around social distancing and limiting the number of people gathering indoors via the 4m2 per person guidance we have decided to implement a strict at club training timetable by crew group. This timetable provides available sessions by training group (Black squad, yellow squad, development squad, Tiger rowing and other squad groups). If you are not in a squad you are allocated to the Tiger rowing/other session and open session times.
It is also split my male and female and in 2 hour windows (ie the 12pm session runs to 2pm, 2 hour windows that are not included are open sessions ie 4pm). See below.

For members wishing to train from the club the timetable must be followed, should it not be, the club would be required to close, as we would not feel we are able to meet the updated guidelines.
This requirement applies from tomorrow, Sunday 22 March. Sportsnoticeboard sessions with be updated ASAP.
Requirement to book boats
All boats must be booked on sportsnoticeboard.com.au, you must then sign out in the sign out book. For squad sessions our coach is required to book on sportsnoticeboard. For open sessions boats can be booked by individuals. This is essential so we can track who has rowed together and when in the event we are required to track members interactions should there be a positive case involving someone present at the club.
If you are having difficulties with sportsnoticeboard please reach out to the Head of Rowing.
Boat types available
From now on we are limiting boat to singles, pair and doubles. Fours/Quad and Eights are no longer allowed to be used.
Good hygiene continues to be essential
See the detailed guidance from previous posts. Please wash hands, boats, oars etc. Clean ergs thoroughly. Shower after training. Do not leave used towels and clothing in change room. Please follow all signs within the club.
Cleaning of boats and oars
Detailed instructions instructions have been left in the boat bay. They must be followed at all times.
Gym and Ergo access
The gym is closed. Ergo’s are available for use, but must be separated by 1.5 meters and strict cleaning is required to be followed as previously communicated. Preferred usage is outside on the deck, there are 4 standing in the classroom to be rolled out to the deck. Erg’s have also been spaced in the hall and classroom. We have no function bookings until the end of April, these erg’s in the hall and classroom are not to be moved.
Change room access
Given their size, the number of people in change rooms is to be limited as follows, women’s change room – 6 people, MLC change room – 6 people, men’s change room 4 people. I understand this will make it challenging, please be patient and respectful. If there are multiple sessions on a day arrive early and be prepared in advance so you are away from the change room when returning rowers need them. This is essential, if we can’t make this work we will have to reassess club access.
Yoga to replace boxercise
We have unfortunately cancelled our Monday night boxercise. We are replacing this with Yoga at 6.15pm on Monday. This will be run by Geraldine Goss. Please bring your own mat and towel, the club mats are not to be used. If you do not have a mat and towel you will not be able to participate.
Boat Lights
As the mornings and nights get darker please ensure you use lights on all boats. The club has a limited number, with increased use of smaller boats we recommend that those planning on rowing through winter obtain their own lights where possible. There are a number of online suppliers, including
All RRC boats have shoes available. However in the current environment some rowers may wish to source their own shoes. Check out this blog for guidance or reach out to the Captain. rrc fleet installed quick release rowing shoe system-
Finally, if you feel unwell do not visit the club – please follow Government advice if you present with any symptoms or if you have travelled overseas.
If you have a positive test in relation to COVID-19 please let the Committee know immediately so we can assess your contact with club members and facilities and we may take appropriate action regarding club facilities.
We will continue to provide regular updates as the advice and situation develops.

Rowing Victoria recommendations for rowing training related to COVID-19

Following on from our previous guidance on hygiene when at the club and training, Rowing Victoria have recently issued these recommendations for rowing training.
Rowing Victoria recommendations for rowing training
There is lots of useful information in here to consider should you be training, please read it and take it into account.
The club remains open for those wanting to train and row, this is in line with current guidance should there be any update we will let you know.
Members should consider the guidance and their personal situation to make their own decisions on how you train.
I would like to highlight the following points:

  • If you are feeling unwell or exhibiting any of the symptoms we ask you to stay away from the club and follow Government guidance
  • Hygiene is essential – wash your hands, wipe down gym equipment after use, wash oar handles before and after rowing, shower following training
  • Bring a towel to the gym
  • Remove all personal items from change rooms that are not in lockers – there should be no towels or rowing clothes left in change rooms or hanging on lockers
  • Avoid large groups training close together inside – space out the ergo, there is the classroom, hall and outside

Thank you

RRC Hygiene guidance related to COVID-19

The NOVEL CORONAVIRUS 2019 (COVID-19) is causing worldwide concern with cases now occurring in many countries. Richmond Rowing Club takes health and safety seriously and wish to provide up to date information for members with regard to activities at the club.
The situation is changing on a daily basis, and it is important that the community follows current Australian Government advice. Click here for further details. The website also contains general advice regarding COVID-19.
The AIS website is regularly updated with advice on the impact of coronavirus and sporting activity. This important page can be viewed by clicking here.
If you are feeling unwell or are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19, we ask that you do not attend the club or club events and follow Australian Government guidelines. For the latest information go to health.gov.au
Below we have listed important advice for all members to remain healthy when participating in rowing at visiting the club. This list is a guide and is by no means exhaustive of all preventative measures.
Hand Hygiene

  • Everyone must practice good hygiene, this is critical to help protect against infections. Good hygiene includes:
  • washing your hands often with soap and water, for 20 seconds, or using an alcohol-based hand rub
  • using a tissue and cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze
  • avoiding close contact with others including personal greetings, such as touching, handshakes, kisses, and hugs. Fist pumps are appropriate.

The bathrooms at RRC are regularly cleaned to ensure good hygiene standards are maintained. It is important to remember you must wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly after going to the bathroom and maintain good hygiene practices when using both toilets and showers at club.
Cleaning of Ergos
Anti-bacterial wipes must be used every time an individual concludes their session on an ergo.
Cleaning of Gym Equipment
Anti-bacterial wipes should also be used following use of other gym equipment including bikes and weights etc.
Cleaning of Oars and Boats
We know that oars and boats are shared by members. It is important that all oars and boats are thoroughly washed with appropriate soap and water (not just water) to ensure hygiene standards are maintained.

Further RRC boats converted for quick release shoe use

A quick reminder, RRC has installed a new system of foot stretchers and base plates, which work with quick release rowing shoes. We have recently expanded the boats that have the system, it now includes:
Eights: Timothy Evans, Ambush
Fours/Quads: Dennis Beck, Barry Campbell, Karen Doggett, QT, DEMN
Doubles/Pairs: Sesquicentenial, Remigando Fortis, Siberian Tiger, Geraldine Goss, Anthea Amos, The New Double (to be named – currently called Minutes to Midnight)
Singles: Gurrong
The club has a range of both adjustable and non-adjustable shoes, sufficient for everyone, although if a rower prefers rowing with a non-adjustable shoe of their exact size purchasing your own quick release rowing shoes will guarantee this.
Should buying your own shoes be of interest see details below – as Christmas is approaching it may be the ideal items to add your Christmas list.
Benefits of the new system

  1. Crews of different heights/foot sizes can “fit” in the boats much more easily. The days of stuffing socks in the bottom of shoes to make them fit smaller feet, or rowing “feet out” because your feet were bigger than the shoes are past.
  2. Rowing in the correct size shoes can improve a rower’s technique and power
  3. Individuals with their own rowing shoes can use them in club boats

Can I buy my own rowing shoes and shoe plate?
You may wish to buy your own shoes and shoe plate (red piece in the diagram) if you row in the boats which have been fitted with the new systems.  There are benefits to owning your own shoes:

  • Personal hygiene for your feet, and comfort
  • Can reduce injury risk – depends on the rowers’ biomechanics
  • Allows for custom fitting of shoes – depending on a rowers’ biometrics (eg different lengths in legs can be catered for with shims)
  • Setting yourself up to row in varying boats takes less time

You may use your own shoes on an ergo, as we now have a number of adapter plates available for ergos.  Club owned shoes may not be used on ergos.
 Compatible Shoe and Shoe Plate Options – Richmond Rowing Club
Not all rowing shoes are compatible with the system RRC has installed. These shoes will.

Brand and Type Current Price Comments
 Bat Logic PBR Shoe range
CustomPack Shims/Orthotics
$149; $240; $289 +P&H From basic to top of the range
Custom Pack $60.50
Rowfit shoes $120 + P&H Basic shoes
H2Row Rowing Shoes $125 Volume discount for bulk purchase. Agent located on Boathouse Drive-maybe no P&H
Sykes Racing Rowing Shoes $185 + P&H
Against Rowing Shoes $240 + P&H $329 with base plate combo
Wintech $175 + P&H New shoes being released. Captain Barry has a pair
Bat Logic Shoeplate tops for your rowing shoes. $86.90 a pair + P&H All rowers purchasing shoes will need to buy these. 2 sizes – small 6-9 & large 11-17. Check with Captain Barry.

All rowers will need to purchase a shoe plate to fit their shoes on.  An order placed through the club may attract a bulk discount (if 16 pairs ordered) & shared P&H – postage & handling.
Bat Logic also offer an assessment of your legs/feet and recommend appropriate shoes/shims/orthotics. 
More information:
Below is some information on the bat logic pro quick release system.
Bat Logic ShoePlate Pro QuickRelease Benefits
Leg length Discrepancy
Bat Logic Shim Pack
Bat Logic system Compatible Brands of Shoes
Barry, our Captain, is also a good source of information as he has completed the conversions, and has some samples.

Looking after your Health

Recently 15 club members, including coaches, completed emergency first aid training – supported by the club. During the training, these members learned about basic first aid treatments, CPR and defibrillators.  Thanks to these members for giving their time and being willing to offer assistance in the event of an emergency.
These first aid trained club members are spread across all the squads and are in addition to the club members who are medically trained, or are already trained first aiders.
If you should require emergency first aid assistance, there are quite a few people who can help.  They will tell you that they have been trained.
Recording of trained first aiders
If you are first aid trained, please advise the club secretary so we can record your details on the database. This will allow the club to plan further first aid courses at an appropriate time.
Club First Aid Equipment
The club has a defibrillator for use when people’s hearts stop.  It is fixed on the eastern wall of the RRC boat bay between the sculling and sweep oar racks.  Check it out next time you are taking out oars.
Two club first aid kits are available for emergencies. The portable kit is designed to be taken to regattas (stored in the grey cupboard under the back stairs) and the other kit is designed to be left at the club (stored in the Gym on the shelf above the kitchen bench).
Club first aid equipment is for EMERGENCY first aid. It is not stocked to provide bandaids or tape for blisters, or pain relief if you have a headache.
Personal responsibility for managing medical conditions
Club members are expected to take personal responsibility for their medical conditions.
Whilst your health may feel like a private matter, consider how you’d feel if the person rowing in the seat in front of you had a medical condition they didn’t tell you about and you watched on helpless while they had an emergency that you could have treated if you’d known about their condition.

  • Blister management – tape your fingers; wear gloves; wash hands carefully after rowing to prevent infection and follow medical advice (everyone’s body reacts differently)
  • Sun and Cold – take precautions against sun exposure and the cold – appropriate clothing layers, head gear and sunscreen (coxes may need to rug up)
  • Follow your asthma plan – if you have diagnosed asthma tell your coach and crew members and carry a puffer & spacer with you in the boat (disposable/flat pack cardboard spacers are available)
  • Anaphylactic reactions – tell your coach and crew members and carry an EpiPen in the boat
  • Diabetes – tell your coach and crew members and carry jelly beans/sugar hit in the boat

Any questions, suggestions, want to help?  Talk to Steve Sheppard (OH&S Rep).
Kathy Macrow