AGM Boat Naming Celebrations

julia boat namingThanks to everyone who joined us this Saturday for the RRC Annual General Meeting. When the official business was completed our attention turned to celebrating the naming of three new additions to our fleet and enjoying a good catch up after the Winter break, with thanks to our bar and bbq volunteers Lynn May, Karin Bouvin, Dennis Beck and Tim Evans.
Following our call out to members to nominate names for our new singles we celebrated two new creative names to the tiger fleet – Tiger Shark, previously fondly known as ‘Martin’s single’ and Flying Tiger, one of a pair of singles purchased through this years fundraising efforts.
3 Boat naming
We also took the opportunity to name a third single in honour of Julia Avis. Julia joined the club in 2001 and over many years served on the clubs committee as vice president and in the role of president from 2006-7. One of her great contributions to the club was the amazing amount of work she and others put in to the hugely successful ergothons of 2003 and 2004 which raised funds to enable the purchase of our current trailer. After completing her learn to row at Richmond she went on to win two state championships in the W8+ and Head of the Yarra in 2003.  These are just a couple of her achievements and we were delighted to recognise her contribution with the naming of a single.
The 2015-16 RRC committee with one nomination per position was confirmed at the AGM.
President  –  Karen Doggett
Vice President  –  Geraldine Goss
Secretary  –  Kathryn Macrow
Treasurer  –  Vicki Brennan
Captain of Boats  –  Barry Campbell
Head of Rowing  –  Rochelle Stokes
Facilities Coordinator  –  Lucy Crunden
Fundraising Coordinator  –  Cat Hardie
2 Ordinary Members  –  Derek Begg & Shern Timmins

What's in a name?

Some RRC members may be thinking that boats grow on trees given the abundance of new RRC fleet that has appeared at the club over the last season. If only it were true, in reality however the hard work and willingness to part with a dollar by our members, the work of the fundraising sub-committee, generous but less active current members and a surprise anonymous donation has seen four new singles and a coxless quad join the RRC fleet.
Recent fleet purchases and donations:
A 2nd hand Sykes coxless quad
To supplement our coxless fleet and provide a boat better suited to our lighter rowers we announced at the AGM in 2014 the club had purchased the former Ted Woolcock (new name TBA) via fundraising activities from YYRC.
Two 2nd hand Swift 60-70kg Singles
The success of the Christmas Raffle raised the funds for the club to purchase a 2nd hand Swift single from Genazzano and advance function bookings of our fabulous new building enabled the committee to tip in general revenue funds to purchase a second single from Genazzano.
2nd hand Swift 90kg+
Martin Foster had generously allowed members to use his Swift single for the last few years while he and Nicole have been busy developing our next generation of coxswain’s and rowers. The committee has offered to purchase the single from Martin and he has graciously accepted our offer to add this single to our fleet.
New Sykes Initiator 90kg single:
The email from Sykes advising that our new single was ready for delivery and that they were sworn to secrecy on the origins of the order had the committee and the captain amazed by the generosity of you the RRC members thank you whoever you are.
This sudden influx of fleet items has left the committee with a slight dilemma.   We need names for our new fleet and as a committee we’ve decided that our amazing and generous membership should be the ones who actually suggest the names. If you have a suggestion for a name, then email with your idea or drop your suggestion in the secretary’s box in the gym, before April 2nd 2015. The suggested names will then go to the next committee meeting where we’ll choose from names suggested by the membership.
Thanks, Barry Campbell – RRC Captain

Sam testing out the new single
Sam testing out the new single

Women's Changerooms

We have had an inquiry about the MLC girls using the RRC changeroom and whether this is the arrangement with MLC.
We have agreed with MLC that the Senior girls will use the RRC changeroom which means that approximately 40 girls will be using it. Any MLC girl may use the toilets in the RRC changeroom as at times there may be large queues in the MLC changeroom with the number of junior girls compared to the number of toilets.

Access, Security and other Boathouse Information

Not surprisingly, we have been getting some questions about how our new boathouse operates so here is some information to help everyone along. It is not complete as we are yet to have handover of some functions / items in the building. When we do have all the handover complete, we will organise a time to walk members through the building so you get to know first-hand how to operate certain things.
Members can apply for access fobs using the form contained in the access policy on the website. Member fobs give you access into the boathouse through the rear door and also the downstairs front door. They also provide access to the gym and the hall areas inside the boathouse.
When you are down for training or any other everyday matter, please use the rear stairs to access the first floor. This will help us reduce wear and tear on the carpeted hall area and ensure that you do not mistakenly walk into a private function in the hall!
Therefore member fobs do not open the door at the top of the front stairs – think of the front door and stairs now as the ‘function’ entry to the boathouse and the rear door and stairs as the rowing and training entry to the building. For those who have been members for a few years you will recall that this was the arrangement for many years. It helps us keep the front entry stairs and the hall clean.
Continue reading “Access, Security and other Boathouse Information”

Sunday post-row BYO event

We will be giving up our BYO permit on 5 November so we thought it appropriate to celebrate by using it and inviting everyone to BYO drinks and also something to put on the

BBQ this Sunday (26 October) after training at 12.30pm.

It will also give us the chance to congratulate those people who rowed so well at World Masters, Head of Goulburn and Head of the Charles.

We would love to see everyone one there whether you are training or not.

We are giving up our BYO permit so that our panel of caterers can use their licenses for hall hires at the boathouse. As a result RRC will be UNLICENSED so please ensure that you do not bring drinks into the boathouse after 5 November.

We will be using temporary licenses and working with our caterers to put on monthly drinks and our social events. More to come……

Airconditioning – IMPORTANT!

Please do NOT use the airconditioning at the boathouse yet. It has not been properly set up and is therefore not working correctly.
Please just open up all the doors and put on the fans for now. We will let you know when the airconditioning has been set up properly and it can be used.
We are following up with the builder as this was meant to be done last week, but the correct person did not turn up to do it. Apologies and thanks for your patience.

Use of Boatshed Monday 13 October

For those planning to head down to the club on Monday 13 October, please be aware of the following events:
10am – 3pm  Lloyd Group (our builders) are holding a staff meeting in the main hall. The main hall and terrace areas are reserved for Lloyd Group during these times and we ask that members do not disturb them.
7pm – 9pm the Head of School Girls Committee is meeting in the MLC classroom. If you are using the gym, please ensure that the wall is shut. Again, please do not disturb this meeting.
While external parties are using the boathouse rowers always have access to the changerooms and the gym.
Thanks for your consideration for these events.

Building handover update

We have been waiting for the fire service main to be connected before the builders can hand over the boathouse to RRC. While the boathouse looks finished, the builders are still rectifying defects, a usual end of project process.
Member access to the  boathouse remains as only the boat bays and changerooms until handover. The boathouse may look completed, but it is still under the builders insurance and responsibility, not RRC’s. It also does not have a functioning fire service, hence our limited access.
SE Water has now confirmed that they will do the mains tapping next week and Lloyd Group have confirmed that they will have completed all works by Wednesday 1 October. The building surveyor will have all documentation ready on Wednesday to complete the handover to RRC.
RRC will then be able to start handing out fobs to those who have applied for them. Don’t worry if you don’t have a fob, you can still apply for one or just rely on other members of the squads to open up.

New access arrangements for boathouse

At the end of September, we will be switching over to a new fob system for access to the boathouse and keys will no longer be used. This system gives RRC better security for the building than simply keys.
The committee has formalised the procedure for obtaining a fob as we need to keep records of exactly who has what fobs. The new policy and procedure for obtaining a fob is available on the documents page of the website.
Please note that there is a fee to obtain a fob, covering the club’s cost to purchase fobs and also a security deposit which is refundable when the fob is returned to the club.
If you wish to obtain a fob, please read the policy and complete the form attached to it. Forms need to be returned to the Secretary. Please make your deposit and fee payment directly into the RRC bank account with your name and the word “Fob” in the payment description.
The next committee meeting is 23 September, so please get your form in early if you wish for your application to be considered at this meeting.

Redevelopment and Access Update 1 September

We will be moving back into the original part of the rowing shed next week which is fantastic.
We will be buying new furniture as part of the project so we need a hand on Friday morning to chuck out all the old tables and chairs and any other junk we have in the boathouse and you will get a sneak preview of how good it is. Time to be confirmed.
Once we are in, it is common to find some things don’t work quite properly. If this is the case, DON’T try to fix it. Everything is under warranty and builders’ guarantee and we will lose that if we try to fix things ourselves. If you find something does not work or does not seem right, please just email me on I can then follow up with the architects and builders.
Please wait until you are notified via this blog page before you start accessing the hall area. It’s tempting but it is still a building site until it is formally handed over!
Works this week:
–          Installing the concrete screed and then grass on the deck
–          Finishes to new stair
–          Finishes to paintwork
–          Completion of carpeting
–          Defects inspection and rectification process commences