So you, your friend, your partner, your mum and dad all want to be BROs??

Read on….
BROs (Boat Race Officials) are an integral part of regattas.  Without them, there is no regatta.
These are the people you see (usually in safety vests), spending a little time:

  • directing the boat traffic at the launching places
  • making sure the rower’s boats are safe (bowballs, shoe tie-downs)
  • directing boats as they line up for starts, and then starting the races
  • judging if there’s interference
  • working out who’s come first, second, third and so on

Our club needs to provide a BRO at almost every regatta we attend.  It can be tough for rowers to run between BROing and racing, and we want coaches actually coaching!  So we’d love a rowing widow/widower, a supportive mum or dad, or your best buddy to get involved. The more the merrier, as BROs can share shifts.
BRO training consists of attending a lecture and then being supervised initially.  Level 1 accreditation is obtained by performing 4 practical BRO stations: control, start marshal, bank umpire and judge.  Also, Working with Children’s Check are now required.  These are easy to get and free for volunteers. Apply Here
The club can also support a BRO’s education by taking them out in a boat (to get a rower’s perspective) and/or having them ride alongside a coach on the bike path.  The club insurance will cover them for risk and accidents.
Next BRO course is on Tuesday 6 March 6-8pm at Yarra Yarra (a few sheds down from RRC).  Register here to attend.  What’s holding you back??
Doing some BROing is also a great way for those new to rowing to get to see what happens at a regatta (from the insiders view), so new members are also encouraged to BRO.
Any questions? Contact Chris or Kathy

Get BRO accredited – be a good rowing citizen!

If you’ve been to a regatta, you would be aware of the people around who are wearing Hi-vis vests and carrying megaphones. They’re directing you where to put your boat in/out of the water, checking bow balls and shoes to ensure rower safety, keeping the transit lanes safe, getting you lined up at the start, following the race and calling boats into their lanes, and then determining who’s won. These people are BROs (Boat Race Officials)!
As a club, RRC has to provide BROs at each regatta. Recently the BROing has been done by coaches, the captain and JL but we need to share BROing duties around as these people already do so much work at the club. We don’t want to burn them out!
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Volunteering at RRC

Have you been wondering about what you can do to volunteer to help at RRC?
Every year we have to call upon our members to help in all sorts of ways and this year will be no different. Everyone can help in one way or another and here are just a few ideas:
Be a boat race official (BRO) at regattas – this is an easy task and it is an RV requirement that Richmond provide BROs for every regatta which we enter. To be eligible you must complete the Level 1 BRO course and this year that couldn’t be easier as it is being held in our own boathouse this coming Tuesday 8th September, please register to attend using this link
Cox your friends and other crews – we are always short of coxes and experience in a boat from the coxes seat will no doubt help you become a better rower by having an appreciation of the feel or movement of the boat. It’s all about providing motivation and encouragement to the whole crew (as well as avoiding collisions). At RRC we require all members to complete their level 1 coxing accreditation within 1 year of membership to ensure you have a good understanding of river rules for you and your crews safety. Once again RV is holding a level 1 course in our very own boathouse on Monday 14th September so if you haven’t already you can register here
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BRO course

Rowing Victoria will be holding a BRO course in our clubhouse. If you wish to race for RRC and attend RV regattas you need to attend a BRO course to ensure you are aware of race rules but also so you can take your turn in volunteering to help at these events. As a club we are required to provide BROs and if we fail to do this we are fined.
It must be noted there are a number of steps which need to be completed to attain your Level 1 BRO qualification. Just participating in the course doesn’t make you an accredited BRO. (Please ensure you collect an RV Umpiring License Card to complete the practical component of the qualification).
Step 1:       Participate in a Level 1 BRO Course and complete the required booklet.
Step 2: Complete four different elements at a regatta; control, start marshal, bank umpire and judge. Once these have been completed and have been signed off by a Level 2 umpire (on your RV License Card), you are then a qualified Level 1 BRO and can continue training to become a Level 2 umpire.
Once participating in the course you have 12months to complete all components. If you do not complete all practical components throughout the season, you do not become accredited and therefore you have to start the process again, the following year.
In regards to completing the four elements, you can complete 2 elements in one day at 1 regatta i.e. control in the morning and bank umpire in the afternoon. If participants are interested and would like to complete their qualification, RV can roster participants on to ensure all areas are completed and further training can be made if they wish to become a L2 umpire.
Once all elements of the accreditation are completed, signed off and sent to Edwina Gadsby in the RV Office, participants are therefore accredited for four years and do not have to participate in the yearly courses.