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Rowing Victoria Accreditation

The new season is just around the corner and there is no better time to begin forward planning.  So please check your diaries and sign up to upcoming Rowing Victoria courses.

At RRC we require all members to be accredited coxswains to help assist with training but also to ensure everyone is aware of the river rules and safety requirements of our sport.

  • ACCREDITED COXSWAINS:  it is compulsory for all coxswains in Victoria to be accredited for racing AND training. This year, coxswains will be ineligible for regatta entry (through Rowing Manager) if they have not acquired Good Coxswain accreditation.

Take a look at the Events Calendar http://www.rowingvictoria.asn.au/events/ on the RV website and sign up for an already scheduled course. You will find that we are hosting one at the RRC boathouse on Monday 22nd August, so it couldn’t be simpler to attend.

Pre-season is also the optimum time to complete a coaching qualification if you have any interest in volunteering to assist with coaching or just want to improve your skills and knowledge.  In 2016 this can be done without course attendance and without dedicating an available weekend in a busy life.  It is also cheaper; down from $220 to $180.  It can be done on the computer in your own home at your own pace, at a time of your choosing.

  • ACCREDITED COACHES: beginning in season 2016-17 all coaches are required to be National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) accredited (minimum Level 1). This will guarantee compliance with RV Members Protection Policy and provide crews with a Maritime Safety Victoria exemption from wearing PFDs.

 To complete the on-line coaching course: Click here to access the Online Level 1 NCAS Coaching Accreditation Course

As a club we have been successful in securing grant funding to help support anyone wishing to undertake coaching accreditation (the grant is only valid for one year so I advise you to think about whether you would like to do the course sooner rather than later).

If you have any questions or concerns in regard to any of the above, please contact Tim Evans our head of rowing.

RV Course “Coaching the Cox”

RV remains committed to providing professional development to the coaches of Victoria.  We are, therefore, pleased to announce the second coaches’ seminar – Coaching the Cox for Tuesday, October 21 at 7pm-9pm.  (It is to be held at one of the Boathouse Drive rowing clubs in the city.)  Fifty places have been reserved for club and school coaches.  Expressions of interest are now open on a first come, first served basis.  The seminar will be offered by Rowing Victoria free of charge and is timed to coincide with the beginning of the season selections.  Please reply to this email to reserve your place.

The seminar will chiefly be delivered by current and past National and State coxswains.

The cox forms that vital link between coach and rowers.  It is a unique position: both assistant coach and crewmember.  The cox is the coach’s voice in the boat, the interpreter of the coach’s words, the spruiker of the coach’s message.  The cox is a sensitive instrument that is finely tuned and calibrated by the coach to provide real-time accurate feedback.  This seminar will allow the coach to ‘calibrate’ their cox to achieve crew success.


Please email RV Club Development Coordinator, Andrew O’Brien to register interest.

Coxing Workshop – This Sunday – 15 December 10:00am-11:30am

This Sunday we will be holding a coxing masterclass from 10:00am – 11:30am, to be conducted by the club’s experienced and very successful cox Bec Lionnet.

The masterclass is specifically aimed at those with little or no coxing experience (no matter how much rowing experience!) and will cover the following areas:

General call in the boat and what they mean
Basic RV rules and general rules on the river
On water practical experience
If you’re interested in participating in the workshop please email me at rowing@richmondrowing.com.au straight away to secure your place!

We will also need rowers to make up crews for the practical part of the course (though there can be some seat swapping) and would like to have an experienced rower will be in stroke seat of each boat. Volunteers please also let me know – you may yet be volunteered…

This will be a great opportunity to start building up our coxing skills across the club. For any rower who has coxed, you’ll know that it actually helps your rowing as well.

All club members would want to see this workshop strongly supported, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Derek Begg

Head of Rowing

13-14 Season